Russell Wilson Injury – What You Need to Know

Russell Wilson Injury – What You Need to Know

There are a number of things to know about Russ Wilson’s injury and recovery. You’ll want to know the treatment options, how long the recovery will take, and how it will affect the Seattle Seahawks. Here’s a quick look at what you need to know.

Russ Wilson’s recovery

The Seahawks have a lot riding on quarterback Russell Wilson’s return to the field from an injured finger. The star quarterback missed his first three starts due to the injury. He will likely be available for the Packers game on Sunday, Nov. 14. The team initially expected him to miss six to eight weeks, but Wilson’s recovery has surprised many. Though the injury forced him to miss three games, he will be ready to play against Green Bay on Sunday.

Russ Wilson has been able to beat injury recovery timetables before. After tearing his ACL last year, Wilson was on the road to recovery. He was getting hour-by-hour treatments and even had his physical therapist move into his house. He missed only three games that season, and he returned to practice at the beginning of this year.

Treatment options

A mallet finger is an injury to the finger that can prevent the quarterback from throwing a football. Wilson suffered the injury against the Rams in Thursday’s game and underwent surgery Friday morning. His surgery was more complex than a pin and required multiple screws to stabilize the finger. During his recovery, Wilson will be out between six and eight weeks.

Wilson’s injury involves the middle finger of his throwing hand, which is responsible for determining his timing and spin. It’s also what defines the quarterback’s touch on the football. His hand surgeon believes Wilson will return to the field later this season.

Recovery time

After being placed on injured reserve, the Seahawks have begun preparing for the recovery time for quarterback Russell Wilson’s right hand injury. According to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, Wilson will miss three games, or approximately four weeks, in total. He will be able to return to the field at some point during the next three weeks, but he has no guarantee he’ll be ready to play next Sunday.

The injury was the result of an incident during which Russell Wilson collided with the hand of Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Aaron Donald. As a result, his finger bent awkwardly. The injury resulted in two small breaks and a dislocation of the finger. Wilson underwent surgery to repair the injury. The Seahawks initially expected him to miss six to eight weeks, but after the surgery, he was able to throw and take snaps under center. After surgery, he was able to throw footballs to receivers on the practice field.

Impact on Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks’ quarterback is likely to be sidelined for the next six to eight weeks following his injury against the Rams on Thursday night. Wilson suffered a fractured-dislocated middle finger and underwent surgery in Los Angeles. This will be his first season out with a season-ending injury. The injury is not thought to be serious, but it will take some time to heal.

With the Seahawks in last place in the NFC West, Wilson’s injury may have some negative implications. The team is currently three games behind the Cardinals and two games behind the Rams. Wilson may decide to remain in Seattle if they can get into the playoffs, but if the team struggles on defense, it will be difficult to convince him to stay.

Geno Smith’s chances of starting

With Russell Wilson out for at least the next two weeks, Geno Smith’s chances of starting this week are up. But will he be able to take over the starting job? The answer depends on whether Smith can balance his aggressiveness with a conservative style. During the 2013-14 season, Smith threw 34 interceptions and ranked tenth in air yards per attempt. If he can do that, he’ll be able to keep his job and lead the Seahawks to a win.

Until this season, Smith has been the backup quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He’s backed up Wilson for the last three seasons and was re-signed in April on a one-year, $3.5 million contract. In his career, Smith has a 13-21 record as a starter. In his most recent start, he went 1-2 while Wilson was out with a finger injury. He finished the season with a passer rating of 100.3. However, the offense was run-heavy this season. Russell Wilson missed three weeks due to the injury.

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